by Yeti Jr

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Recorded live at the A-Frame


released July 5, 2016

*Special shout out to, and recorded by, our homie Nate Davis



all rights reserved


Yeti Jr Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Track Name: Remote
Just say it if i'm not speaking clearly
I've taped my mouth up to hold my breath in
forget to pretend and i stand strong and miserable
call me what you want, just don't call me afraid of withholding so much
i try to wrap my thoughts around the perfect words
past tense or perfect maybe i'm just wrong

call me what you want
but don't be so afraid of withdrawing so much

have you ever been so afraid to tell the truth
that your smile does all the work for you

I bury my voice inside my chest where it sleeps
the night remembers our words so choose questionably
Track Name: Veneer
defaulted on that first love
i'd rather just mark it off
as something that we never should have carried
disingenuous to the first-degree
i'm sleeping with the enemy
tied to myself safety exists only in my sheets
with a pillow in between my knees
i'll kiss you for the taste and we will rot, decay
from youthful lust, and letters and drugs

i spilled my heart out into a postcard for you
enclosed is the part of me only my pen can expose
apologies are desolate there's nothing there
but run on sentences
like the clock has passed us up
this wont work without such luck and is there more
Track Name: Divertissement
Wasting our time traveling stateside
come distance craft us an alibi
discomfort in numbers and scenery changes
worn out phrases: i'm hot in this car, unlock the door
i'll see you again at the next exit

is it still here after you've bit off more than we
need to expect to build walls if you want to siege
but is there honor in your thief?

so you think you can crown yourself queen
when there's nothing here, scorched earth
under your feet i fear we're holding on just for the sake of keeping...
our hands full.

we keep making the same mistakes and claim we've tried
recklessly driving, cross my heart hope to waste our time
traveling stateside
Track Name: Stripped
They said that we were done
before we started, slow down for darkness
consequently my eyes deceived us both

she says sing to me, tell me i'm pretty shes lingering
i'm only here to forget her face, not catch your name
destruct for me, embrace our nothingness exploding
violently quietly i'm just here to exist in this moment

butterflies in my stomach, kisses on the cheek
never did anything but trap me i'm still guessing
polarize your feelings each day to the next
did you think that this where we'd end up at